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Ping Tomcat 14 2023

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Delivery time: 20-30 days.
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Ping Tomcat 14, multi-material construction creates the highest MOI among the new Ping 2023 putters. A lighter aluminum body is joined to a 304 stainless steel sole plate for positioning the center of gravity low/back. Ball-width runway-style dotted lines track all the way to the ball to aid in alignment. The smooth milled face delivers the firmest feel with slightly faster ball speed.



Our Best. Now Better. Ping are back with a new line of putters for the 2023 season, this time individually designed to achieve a series of putters all with proper balance of feel and forgiveness in a confidence-inspiring look. The 10 new putters are a blend of cempletely new models and old models with new designs. Including multi-material, high MOI blades, mid-mallets and mallets, firm milled faces and soft-feeling inserts, a range of alignment cues and eye-pleasing color blocking. There's putters to fit for every golfer while elevating control and consistency on putts of any lenght. 


Technology you can feel, Four face technologies will satisfy every golfer’s feel preference: Shallow milled for a firmer feel (Anser, Kushin 4, Shea, DS72, DS72 C, Prime Tyne 4); smooth milled (Tomcat 14) for the firmest feel and slightly more ball speed; for a softer feel, there’s a PEBAX insert with shallow milled surround (Anser 2D, Tyne G) or a PEBAX insert with smooth milled surround (Mundy).

New PING Anser and Tyne G putters

Aligned For Accuracy, The Anser (above left) and the Tyne G illustrate the variety in alignment options and appearance choices to fit every golfer’s game. The Anser demonstrates how a single alignment line and color blocking (platinum topline, black cavity), can match your eye where the Tyne G, including its unique ball cutout feature, represents how putters with multiple aiming cues and a black head can help aim.

New PING Mundy and Tomcat 14 putters

Multi-Material Mallets, To make the head highly stable, achieve extreme MOI and improve accuracy and consistency, multi-material mallets (the new Mundy and the proven Tomcat 14), utilize a die-cast aluminum body joined to a high-density investment-cast 304 stainless steel sole plate, which positions the CG low and back. The Tomcat 14 boasts the highest MOI of the New PING putters.




Pings 2023 series of putters comes with 3 different grip options which makes it possible to customize your putter according your own needs.

PP58 Midsize

Standard size pistol shape design, made to easier square the face through impact.

PP58 S

Straight-taper, midsized pistol, larger flat surface to get increase face awareness.


Midsize pistol-shaped design with a rubber under-listing has larger flat surfaces for to achieve increased face awareness.











Ping Tomcat 14

32", 33", 34", 35", 36"

3° +2°/-2°

20° ±2°


Double bend





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